Wind power is harmonized with natural conditions such as topography and climate, and
has a large potential for domestic existence, so it has a high energy density, enabling
a steady supply of power compared to other energy sources.

Wind Power
Wind power generation is a system that produces electrical energy using the kinetic energy of wind. In other words, electricity produced through the energy conversion process is consumed for home or industrial use or sold by transmitting it back to Korea Electric Power Corporation.
Our country has favorable conditions for wind power generation due to the extensive coastline.
  • Land Wind Power

    • No environmental pollution or depletion due to using the wind
    • It requires about 5,000 ㎡ per MW, and other areas in the power generation complex can be used for other purposes such as pastoral farming and agriculture.
    • Entry and management roads in mountainous areas can be used as forest management roads.
    • Some complexes are being revitalized through use as tourism resources
  • Offshore Wind Power

    • It is divided into fixed and floating type by installing methods of foundation structure
    • Free from location conditions compared to land base wind power and large scale ensures high utilization rate
    • Expansion of fish-family resources as offshore wind power foundation structure can serve as an artificial reef
    • Developing fisheries (sea ranches, aquaculture farms, etc.) in areas adjacent to offshore power plants is possible
    • Vitalizing the local economy by developing and fostering marine leisure and tourism complexes.