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WH Corp. provides solar power generation system to people in need in P…




Ko Kiheon, CEO of WH Energy, a new renewable energy business, helped deliver a set of renewable solar power systems for social welfare facilities and marginalized groups in the Paju region.


Mr. Ko recently visited the Mayor of Paju, Choi Jong-hwan, and delivered 10 sets of renewable photovoltaic systems to be used for social welfare facilities and marginalized people in the region.

The solar power system delivered is a generator with a capacity of 1.2kw (worth 30 million won). With this generator installed, more than 60,000 won per month of electricity bills can be saved. The installation of the generator was also provided.

In addition, the product modules installed in the social welfare facilities can be used continuously for more than 40 years, and can produce about 150 kw of electricity per month.

Mayor Choi Jong-hwan said, “I genuinely appreciate the support of Mr. Ko and the employees of his company, who have considered the circumstances of the people in need, and helped them in these difficult conditions. Let's work together and make this a warm winter."

In response to this, Mr. Ko said, “Mayor Choi Jong-hwan works hard to build and establish peace and harmony in the Paju region, and we are glad we could contribute to the cause. We hope we can expand and contribute further in the future.”